Apsley Australia

Apsley & Company Luxury Diffuser


Encased in an artisan mouth-blown glass vessel and flaunting a truly unique design.

Apsley & Company's bespoke fragrances have been created in partnership with renowned European perfumers and use the same precious, high-quality elements found in designer perfumes. This development takes time and patience.

Halfeti fragrance description: Revel in top notes of sumptuous black rose, laced with violet and grounded in musk with this ode to Turkey's ancient town of Halfeti.

Santorini fragrance description: Dreamy marine top notes, intertwined with patchouli and hints of black pepper.

Vesuvius fragrance description: Uplifting and effervescent, Vesuvius is bursting notes of sparkling citrus, peach and vanilla, erupting like a blazing volcano.


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