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Apsley & Company Luxury Candle - 400gm


Encased in an artisan mouth-blown glass vessel and flaunting a truly unique design, these intoxicating soy wax candles boast a maximum burn time of up to 60 hours.

Apsley & Company's bespoke fragrances have been created in partnership with renowned European perfumers and use the same precious, high-quality elements found in designer perfumes. This development takes time and patience. Only the finest blend of botanical soy wax combined with food-grade wax. By hand pouring each candle, this formulation allows us to have a generous amount of fragrance throughout the entire candle and longer-lasting burn time.

German cotton wicks ensure excellent burn performance, every time. The candle glass and the packaging can be recycled, reused or repurposed. No animal testing policy has applied to these products.

Dimensions: 10cm diameter x 10cm H

Burn time: Approx 60 hours

Eclipse fragrance description: The scent of Sun-drenched days celebrated with friends sharing glorious picnics in the countryside, and that final, sparkling juice, just as the sun sinks on the horizon…  Fragrance note of Sicilian Orange, Blackcurrant, Patchouli.

Halfeti fragrance description: Revel in top notes of sumptuous black rose, laced with violet and grounded in musk with this ode to Turkey's ancient town of Halfeti.

Kaliningrad fragrance description: A hypnotic swirl of ambergris, pink peppercorns and cedarwood, speaking to the Russian province of Kaliningrad. 

Reykjavik fragrance description: A tantalising medley of neroli, lime zest and vetiver, redolent of Iceland's awe-inducing Reykjavik.

Santorini fragrance description: Dreamy marine top notes, intertwined with patchouli and hints of black pepper.

Tempest fragrance description: An exquisite fragrance that captures the essence of the storm just as the lightning show begins. Fragrance note of Blackcurrant, Bergamot & Cedarwood.

Vesuvius fragrance description: Uplifting and effervescent, Vesuvius is bursting notes of sparkling citrus, peach and vanilla, erupting like a blazing volcano. 

The candle images are shown in alphabetical order of the fragrance name - Eclipse, Halfeti, Kalingrad, Reykjavik, Santorini, Tempest, Vesuvius.

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